Springboard Bone Building Workout   

IMG_0154The Springboard Bone Building Workout is an invigorating, safe, specially designed full body workout for women with osteopenia or osteoporosis using the spring resistance. While a full body workout, there is special emphasis on back, core, and hip exercises. 

When you provide resistance to muscles through exercise or force, your muscles get stronger and strain the bones that they are attached to. Your bones respond to that strain by remodeling — increasing bone mineral density and collagen flexibility. One goal of exercise and resistance training is to build stronger bones by involving as many muscles in the movement as possible. Compound exercises that involve the contraction of many muscles and the movement of multiple joints are more effective at increasing bone strength. This is what Pilates does.

By involving multiple muscle groups, the contraction of many muscles, Pilates delivers an efficient means of exercise to strengthen your bones.

While it is important to strengthen muscles throughout your body, the hip, spine and wrist are especially important to keep strong because they are common sites of bone fracture in individuals with bone loss. In the Springboard Bone Building Workout, exercises that stimulate bone growth in the hip, spine and wrist include: the seated row, chest press, lat pull-down, spinal extension, overhead press, leg press, hip abduction and hip adduction. These are just a few of the many exercises emphasized in the Springboard Bone Building Workout.

Springboard workouts are offered privately, in a class, or bring a friend for a duet session!