Cayuga Pilates Class Schedule


9:15-10:15am – Pilates Equipment
12-1:15pm – Pilates for Strong Bones


12:00-1:00pm – Pilates Equipment

What is a Pilates Equipment Class?

A Pilates equipment class utilizes the Pilates reformer and springboard. Strengthen your core and more on the Pilates equipment using calibrated spring tension.  These classes are always a client favorite and each machine can be tweaked to meet your individual strengths and fitness needs. The classes are limited to 4 students per class so that each gets the attention he or she deserves. Focus is on body alignment, pelvic/core stability, breathing, building abdominal strength, flexibility, and elongating muscles groups.



Pilates for Strong Bones (PSB) is a Pilates-based class designed to improve core and overall muscle strength, flexibility, balance and coordination by combining Pilates-based core strengthening with weight-bearing, strength training, flexibility and balance exercises using hand and ankle weights and exercise props. PSB provides a challenging and safe workout for individuals who have experienced bone loss (osteopenia or osteoporosis), those concerned about their bone health, or for anyone looking for a challenging full body workout. It is an ideal workout for individuals seeking to improve their overall strength and muscle definition. Class size limited to 6 students per class.


All classes & private sessions are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted. Class space limited. Please reserve yours at: