What is Pilates?

There are over 500 different Pilates exercises performed either on a mat or on special equipment using springs for resistance. Pilates is:

  • Whole-Body Fitness
    Pilates is a form of exercise which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and mental awareness in order to support efficient movement. Core strength is the foundation of Pilates exercise. The core muscles are the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back. For instance, while strengthening the legs, the core muscles stay active. Often thought of as an “ab” workout, Pilates is actually a full body, comprehensive workout.
  • The Six Pilates Principles: Centering, Control, Flow, Breath, Precision, and Concentration
    These six Pilates principles are essential ingredients in a high quality Pilates workout. The Pilates method has always emphasized quality over quantity, and you will find that, unlike many systems of exercise, Pilates exercises do not include a lot of repetitions for each move. Instead, doing each exercise fully and correctly yields significant results.
  • Adaptable
    A Pilates regimen can be modified so virtually anyone, regardless of fitness level, can benefit. Pilates exercises can be tailored to meet your specific needs and fitness goals from toning to post-rehabilitation, pain management to weight loss, recovery from childbirth or improving athletic performance.  This is why the Pilates method is popular for a wide range of people.