Practicing Pilates with Joyce Dev has changed my life.  A congenital injury, two falls in adulthood, and proprioception issues related to Sensory Processing Disorder all made physical activity awkward and challenging.  The falls and injury also resulted in a lot of pain.  In fact, there were several years where I was in pain daily and my lifestyle was limited.  After about a year with Joyce, I was able to take up tennis.  Today, I am rarely in pain, I am strong and healthy, I sleep better–I am able to live a normal life.

I have been studying privately with her for nearly 3 years.  Joyce is wonderful to work with.  I not only receive targeted exercises and guidance, but also helpful and respectful feedback.  She is a lovely person and I look forward to my sessions with her.


When I first started Pilates, I was unable to go more than 2 days without pain in my lower lumbar and my sciatica was always involved. I love the fact that you are so well trained in the different equipment and create classes around them. When you go to a seminar, you share the wealth of information with the class. I take the Pilates for Strong Bones, Pilates with Props, Circuit Pilates with equipment and Springboard classes. These classes have helped me in times of stress and have kept me focused. The classes are so therapeutic. You are a great teacher and educator. It shows that you love Pilates and enjoy passing it on to the rest of us. Thank you, Joyce.


I came to Joyce with just an idle curiosity about Pilates, but after a few sessions, I was utterly hooked. Thanks to her tailored, smart, and rigorous approach, I have acquired an overall sense of bodily awareness, strength, and control that is inexplicably empowering.  Miraculously, Joyce helped me restore my core after it was severely damaged by pregnancy and delivery.  She is simply a remarkable resource for women at all stages of their lives who are looking for greater vitality of body and mind.


I find Joyce’s classes so beneficial in multiple ways.  My original goal was to strengthen my core in order to properly support my spine.  Not only has she helped me achieve that, but also greatly improved my balance and strength in general, so vital for all of us as we age.  She is up on all the latest research on bone health, especially with regards to bone density issues.  Every class is carefully planned and executed with TLC and individual attention.
This is great for beginners right through to advanced students and I highly recommend these classes for anyone who is interested in staying healthy!


I highly recommend Joyce Dev’s Pilates classes!  I have taken her classes for two years now.  Joyce is a true professional – not only in Pilates techniques and benefits, but also in providing well-grounded explanations for why we’re doing what we’re doing.   Besides having a registered nursing background, Joyce also attends numerous workshops and conferences about current health and fitness issues and shares that information with us.  I’m especially excited about what she has learned about building “strong bones”, as I have some osteopenia concerns.  I think Pilates has definitely improved my core strength, joint flexibility, and general fitness.  And besides all that, we have fun in class!!